Details on the calculations and assumptions

  • The calculation is for individuals (not companies) that are resident for tax in South Africa
  • Tax period is 2020 - 2021
  • We do not store your annual taxable income figure
  • Donations are to SARS Approved Public Benefit Organisations (PBO), with approved reporting according to the reporting standards for Section 18A organisations. See the official list on the SARS website.
  • Monthly net cost is calculated by your donations minus the potential tax saving. Please note that there are several conditions and steps to take in order to secure the tax saving.
  • Special conditions for the Solidarity Fund have not been taken into account
  • The donation maximum is set at 10% for the tax calculator and does not consider carry-over tax benefits at this point in time


  • Do-Nation is not registered to provide tax advice. The calculations provided aim to offer a guide with the goal to simplify your decision to donate to Section 18A approved organisations.
  • Neither Do-Nation nor the recipient organisation shall be held liable for any loss of money or claims of donations or submissions to SARS, or any other bodies.

About your donation and the organisations you would like to support

  • In order to qualify for the tax saving, the donation must be made to an SARS Approved PBO organisation which is up to date with its Section 18A annual reporting.
  • SARS has the final say on whether or not the donation qualifies. This decision is made upon assessments of the document submitted annually, from the donor, as well as the benefiting organisations. (There are several annual requirements for organisation.)

What does Do-Nation aim to do

  • We work with the Organisations you choose to donate to, to ensure that the organisation’s annual reporting is in line with the latest SARS requirements. Our support improves the chances of your donations qualifying for a tax saving.
  • We provide a tax calculator for optimal tax planning, assist organisations with impact reporting, and assist companies to manage their giving programs.
  • We help you collect, sort and submit your annual Section 18A Donation certificates based on donations.

Do-Nation for companies

  • We manage Payroll donations through our simplified solution
  • We help employees engage with the organisations they choose to support
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